Had considered going earlier in the semester, but forgot to register until probably the last minute; however, that didn’t matter because they were short on counselors this year. We had 63 kids this year out of 65 that registered for the diabetic education camp. Took my friends Sarah and Skyler with me this year, who had also signed up to be camp counselors. I was in the 9 and 10 cabins this year, — much like last time I was a counselor -, which were the 11-12 year old boys cabin. The was a week long, and consisted of daily planned events which the campers could take part in; arts, crafts, games, campfire, etc. My kids were hellion bastards, and that’s why they were the most fun — right before they’re teens and they don’t care about what you have to say. We tried the snipe hunt for them, but it turned out they were just a little too old for that, but we still freaked out one or two of them. Next time we’ll scare the younger kids, and possibly enlist the older kids to help us out in making the snipe hunt more fun.